Congratulations PTC NL Majors!

Follow the Majors during their Regional Tournament

Southeast Region Little League Baseball Schedule

439 Snellgrove Drive, Warner Robins


Friday, Aug 1:  Opening Ceremonies, 5 pm

Saturday, Aug 2:  GA vs NC, 7 pm

Sunday, Aug 3:  Challenger Game, Banquet

Monday, Aug 4:  GA vs WV, 4 pm

Tuesday, Aug 5:  GA vs FL, 4 pm

Wednesday, Aug 6:  Semi Finals, 10 am, 1 pm, ESPN2

Friday, Aug:  SE Region Championship, 7 pm, ESPN2
 PTCLL is excited to have the Majors NL team advance to the Regionals. We are accepting donations to help off-set the out of pocket costs involved with the boys' great accomplishment. You can make a donation at
No amount is too small.

Registration for the Fall 2014 season is underway. Registration will close August 14, 2014. Interested participants can register here.

4: T ball $75.00 (Age 4 by Apr 30, 15)

5: Coach Toss $75.00 (Age 5 by Apr 30, 15)

Junior Minors $110.00 (Ages 6 to 8 by Apr 30, 15)

Minors $145.00 (Ages 9 to 10 by Apr 30, 15)

Intermediate ("50/70") $145.00 (Ages 11 to 13 by Apr 30, 15)

Seniors $165.00 (Ages 14-16 by Apr 30, 15) 
*Please be prepared to pay residency fees of $15, $25, or $50 depending on your residency (Senoia, by Starrs Mill, is not part of Fayette County) Please submit three proofs of residency upon registration to if you did not participate during the Spring 2014 season. 
**All volunteers must complete and submit a hand signed volunteer application if you did not have one in the spring 2014. please send your form to Please DO NOT send it to any other email address. It will not be processed by anyone other than the safety officer. Only APPROVED volunteers may be on the field

PTCLL Rookie League Wins the Northwest Sectional!


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